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What is an ERV and Why Do You Need It?

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An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is a cost-efficient device that introduces fresh air into buildings, like office spaces and homes, which helps prevents airborne diseases like COVID-19 by minimizing outside air loads to create a stable air environment while saving large amounts of energy. It can also help maintain the humidity and temperature in tropical climates like Malaysia. 

Having an ERV installed in enclosed spaces is also important due to the necessity of regulating Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). IAQ is a vital requirement in a pandemic situation like COVID-19 and other airborne diseases.  

When people breathe, speak, exercise, sing, cough, or sneeze, respiratory fluids in the form of fine droplets and aerosol particles are formed. These droplets and particles can stay in the surrounding air for minutes to hours and may carry viruses that can easily cause the transmission of infections.  

It is possible for fine droplets or aerosol particles to linger longer in enclosed spaces with inadequate ventilation or lack of air circulation, which can build-up in the air and cause a higher risk of infection.  

Other than that, bad indoor air quality in enclosed spaces can also cause issues like Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). With situations like COVID-19, most people have taken to staying home to work or study, which also directly causes them to suffer from SBS due to the lack of proper air circulation. SBS causes people to suffer from headaches; irritation in their eyes, nose, and throat; lethargy; difficulty concentrating; nausea; dizziness; and other symptoms.

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So, how does an ERV work? It’s simple; an ERV allows people to keep the windows closed and the air-conditioning on without worrying about the indoor air quality because it will keep the air fresh by supplying outside air while exhausting the stale indoor air.  

Having an ERV installed is also cost efficient thanks to the energy recovering core. When cooler indoor air goes through the ERV, it will help in cooling down the hot outdoor air that is supplied into the enclosed space, thus saving energy by creating less work for the air conditioners that are used indoors. 

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Besides all that, AireGard Energy Recovery Ventilators in particular come with a medical grade HEPA 12 filter which can reliably disperse up to 99.5% of airborne disease particles and other pollutants that are 0.3 micron in size and below. 
COVID-19 particles range from 0.1-0.5 microns in size, and it’s not even the smallest particles in terms of diseases. Both the Zika virus and the T4 Bacteriophage (responsible for E. coli) are just a fraction of the size of COVID-19 particles. That’s why AireGard’s latest ERV focuses on ensuring that the HEPA 12 filter is of medical and clean room grade, which is used mainly in labs and surgical theaters, for maximum efficiency in filtering out disease particles. 
AireGard ERVs also allows users to control four (4) time zone settings for convenience. It can detect Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) levels in the air that are harmful to people with a dedicated sensor, which is also able to operate on auto-pilot mode. This mode automatically adjusts the indoor air quality based on the enclosed space’s ventilation needs and the amount of VOC detected. Plus, our ERV provides an automatic service reminder to change out the HEPA 12 filter on time. 
For those that want more than just an ERV to assuage their COVID-19 related worries, AireGard also has the award winning URCAS, which can be used with an ERV as a set for a more effective solution. Check out our article on the PI-6500 that will be posted in the coming weeks! 

Image by AireGard Team

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