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Top 5 Spaces to Install a HVLS Fan

For its’ practicality and efficiency, HVLS fans have become a trend in many commercial and industrial places. Although HVLS fans’ applications are very versatile and effective in almost every space, there are some places that the requirement of having an HVLS fan installed has become an essential. Here are top 5 Spaces 

AireGard’s SIX Series installed in DHL Shah Alam’s giant warehouse.


Warehouses remain a very popular setting to install a HVLS fan. With a lot of operations going in and out, some are even packed with large quantities of storage that makes air flow between the spaces stagnant. HVLS fans are able to move vast amounts of air and maintain well ventilated airflow.  

AireGard’s SIX Series installed in Malaysian Palm Oil Berhad (MPOB) ‘s factory,


Similar to warehouses, HVLS fans are the perfect solution for airflow in a large factory. Helping the workers stay cool will definitely boost their morale and productivity. In some cases, HVLS fans work like a 2 in 1 by cooling down operating machines that heats up after a long day of operations.  

AireGard’s SIX Series installed in Al-Azim Mosque Malacca.

Religious Centers

Religious gatherings are an essential part of every religion. Every week when people gather to pray, it’s important that they are comfortable so that they are able to concentrate with minimal distractions. In addition, lots of religious organizations are non-profit, having a HVLS fan can definitely save the electricity cost compared to air conditioners in the long term and ease financial costs. 

AireGard’s DCB Series(now PSM Series) installed in SK Sentul 2’s main hall.


Collective events and gatherings have always been a part of the education system. HVLS fans keep assemblies and gatherings fun and comfortable in a multipurpose hall helping students stay cool and motivated in their passion and dreams.

AireGard’s DCB Series(now PSM Series) installed in Mercedes-Benz Damansara’s Service Center.

Automotive Service Centers

With lots of work going on, repair workers need to be comfortable and not distracted by the heat in order to do a good job. It boosts their morale and productivity which is beneficial to the company. All in all, HVLS fans are still popular in other places not mentioned. However, all these places are mentioned because of a similarity between them in that the nature of their buildings are very large and have a high ceiling for a HVLS fan to operate safely and efficiently.

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