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Description & Features

What is Upper Room Clean Air System(URCAS)? 

The Upper Room Clean Air System (URCAS) by AireGard is a series of ventilators consisting of the AireGard FS-UV and AireGard PI-6500.

The resulting combinations creates a complete system that is exceptional for use in enclosed spaces with a lack of ventilation such as indoor offices, commercial buildings, and more.


AireGard FS-UV + AireGard PI-6500

With the AireGard FS-UV, you can keep the windows closed and the air-conditioning on without worrying about the indoor  air quality because it will keep the air fresh by supplying outside air. While the AireGard FS-UV definitely works great alone, it works even better when combined with the AireGard PI-6500 as the complete solution that is the AireGard Upper Room Clean Air System (URCAS).



How does it work?




    • Residential
    • Office
    • Schools
    • Businesses
    • Hospital / Medical
    • Dental Offices
    • Doctor’s Offices
    • Retirement Homes
    • Restaurants / Bars
    • Airports
    • Places of Worship
    • Gyms / Recreational Areas
    • Shopping Malls
    • Retails Stores
    • Government Stores
    • Sports Stadium / Arenas


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