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PSX Series

Description & Features

PSX Series 

Description & Features:

    • Introducing the PSX Series! This fan is the pinnacle of performance, quality and overall value. Powered by the latest technology in advance gearless drive, the NeoDrive PMSM motor wield an unmatched airflow performance. You get more than a fan; you get one of most versatile cooling solutions available in the market.
  1. Powerful Performance (Epitome of Direct Drive Motor)
    • The AireGard PSX series is the most powerful HVLS ever created in our range of product. Delivering an extraordinary airflow of more than 522,000 CFM, it is the best solution for your space while offering excellent torque, efficiency and durability. Powered by our patented direct-drive NeoDrive PMSM motor with innovation in mind, this motor needs no maintenance and absolutely quiet.


2. Maintenance Free (Long Lasting and High Durability)

    • Different from gearbox fans, our PMSM motor requires no traditional oil changes. No more costly-maintenance and messy leakages.


3. Excellent Coverage (Air Ventilation Solution)

    • The large air volume produced and ventilated by our PSM Series brings unmatched cooling performance, delivering massive airflow to cool your extra -large spaces. Our gearless design makes it whisper quiet.


4. Aerofoil Blades (Generating High Air Circulation)

    • Our areofil blades are made of aviation grade magnalium (Aluminum alloy) and finished in fluorocarbon coating to withstand the toughest environment. It’s unique patented design structure is further strengthened with 3 vertical stiffeners within the length of each blade to avoid structural fatigue.


5. Aerofoil Winglet (Boost Airflow and Drag Reduction)

    • A winglet is attached to a distal end of the aerofoils to reduce drag and improve downward lift, creating up to 40% more air than most of our competitors.



    • Zero-maintenance.
    • Higher control accuracy and torque density.
    • Lower noise.
    • Higher efficiency and power factor.
    • Lower temperature rise.
    • Higher fan speed range.


PSX-18 PSX-20


Blade Diameter

16 ft (4.9 m)

18 ft (5.5 m) 20 ft (6.1 m)

24 ft (7.3 m)

Blade Style

Aerofoil with winglet

Blade Material

Magnalium (Aluminium Alloy), Carbon Fluorine Treated Surface

Number of Blades


Performance & Power

Max. Displacement

405,882 CFM

430,588 CFM 455,294 CFM

522,353 CFM

Variable Speed

10-75 RPM

10-65 RPM 10-60 RPM

10-56 RPM

Max. Power Usage

0.8 kW

0.9 kW 1.1 kW

1.5 kW

Rated Current (Max)

3.6 Amps

4.1 Amps 5.0 Amps

6.8 Amps

Input Voltage

220 – 240 V/1P

Weight & Dimensions

Fan Weight excludes mounting bracket, drop tube and other mounting accessories  

115 kg


120 kg


129 kg

135 kg


Motor Type

NeoDrive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Drive Train

Direct Drive Gearless

Max. Torque

260 Nm

Mechanical Efficiency


Max. Ambient Temperature for Operation

80 Celsius

Degree of Protection


Cooling System

Heat Sink Cooling

Sound Level

< 40 dBA


Control Type

Variable Frequency Drive (Inverter Drive)


Dual Microprocessor Logic, LED Status Display, Built-in Dynamic Braking Transistor


Yaskawa Electric Corporation / Danfoss Engineering

Max. Ambient Temperature for Operation

50 Celsius


Mounting Hardware

Complete Mounting Kit Included

Drop Extensions

Optional Extension Lengths Available



5 Years **

** Subject to Terms & Conditions.