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PS Series

Description & Features

PS Series 

Description & Features:

    • Ideal for ceiling heights as low as 4 m (13 ft), our PS Series is an all time favorite commercial HVLS fan that offers perfect air flow solution for smaller spaces. Sleek looking and available in variety of color option to match your space, making these fans the most appealing and attractive solution in your space.
  1. AireGard NeoDrive PMSM (High Performance Direct Drive Motor)
    • AireGard NeoDrive direct drive unit offers more aireflow, torque, efficiency and durability. With only 2 moving parts, sound level is further reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional gearbox unit.


2. Trasmission Technology (Advanced Engineering Solution)

    • AireGard HLVS PS Series uses top industrial grade bearing from SKF, reputable in optimizing performance with great stability control, exceptional strength and durability, enabling twice the service life of a bearing.


3. Pole Fan Instllation (Unique Pole Fan Design)

    • PS Series is also available in a standalone portable pole system that is flexible and easy to use.


4. Aerofoil Blades (Generating High Air Circulation)

    • Our areofil blades are made of aviation grade magnalium (Aluminum alloy) and finished in fluorocarbon coating to withstand the toughest environment. It’s unique patented design structure is further strengthened with 3 vertical stiffeners within the length of each blade to avoid structural fatigue.


5. Aerofoil Winglet (Boost Airflow and Drag Reduction)

    • A winglet is attached to a distal end of the aerofoils to reduce drag and improve downward lift, creating up to 40% more air than most of our competitors.


6. Colour Variation (Making Impact In Your Space)

    • Black, Sliver, Mocha, White





    • Industrial ventilation, product solution for personal cooling.
    • Energy saving up to 90%, compared to conventional solution.
    • Maximum air volume.
    • Maximum coverage area.
    • Comfortable and gentle with natural breeze simulation.


PS-10 PS-12


Blade Diameter

8 ft (2.4 m)

10 ft (3.0 m) 12 ft (3.6 m)

14 ft (4.2 m)

Blade Style

Aerofoil with winglet

Blade Material

Magnalium (Aluminium Alloy), Carbon Fluorine Treated Surface

Number of Blades


Performance & Power

Max. Displacement

160,558 CFM

195,176 CFM 231,530 CFM

266,470 CFM

Variable Speed

120 RPM

100 RPM 90 RPM

80 RPM

Max. Power Usage

0.15 kW

0.2 kW 0.3 kW

0.41 kW

Rated Current (Max)

0.9 Amps

1.3 Amps 1.5 Amps

0.41 Amps

Input Voltage

220 – 240 V/1P


Motor Type

NeoDrive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor

Drive Train

Direct Drive Gearless

Max. Torque

115 Nm

Mechanical Efficiency


Max. Ambient Temperature for Operation

80 Celsius

Degree of Protection

IP65 (IEC 60529 Edition 2-1 : 2001)

Cooling System

Centrifugal Cooling

Sound Level

< 43 dBA


Control Type

Variable Frequency Drive (Inverter Drive)


Dual Microprocessor Logic, LED Status Display, Built-in Dynamic Braking Transistor


Yaskawa Electric Corporation / Danfoss Engineering

Max. Ambient Temperature for Operation

50 Celsius


Mounting Hardware

Complete Mounting Kit Included

Drop Extensions

Optional Extension Lengths Available



5 Years **

** Subject to Terms & Conditions.