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HVLS Fan vs Air Conditioner vs Wall Fans

Airflow can be created with many different systems and machines. However, are they efficient and effective for a long term usage?  

Cost & ROI


When we think of cost, we should also consider the return of investment (ROI). The cost of  large industrial air conditioners are often astronomical. Not to mention it’s extra equipment, operational and maintenance costs. Wall fans are relatively the cheapest but air conditioners and wall fans comes with a disadvantage that they require a lot of units to actually cool a place efficiently. Hence, the cumulative cost are easily more than a HVLS fan. Moreover, many units of air conditioners will certainly hurt the cost of electricity. HVLS fan provide a suitable entry cost. Depending on the size of the area and space, usually only a minimal unit of HVLS fan is able to get the ventilation job done. With its performance efficiency, it actually saves electricity costs in return providing a very cheap operational cost in the long run. A great investment.

AireGard’s NEODRIVE PMSM Motor that requires zero maintenance. Installed in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


HVLS fan over time, actually saves you tons of money. Newer models of HVLS fan are equipped with latest technologies such as AireGard’s PSX Series features gearless motors that require zero maintenance. For air conditioners, regular maintenance such as gas filling and filter cleaning is a must and are often and costly depending on the usage. Although most wall fans are not expensive, they actually break down frequently and replacing them may come at an inconvenience and a big price especially if a space is busy with work operations. 

AireGard’s PSX Series HVLS Fan looking aesthetically pleasing. Installed in Malaysian Flying Academy, Melaka


For obvious reasons, HVLS fans certainly tops the best in design. Due to its size which makes it largely visible and a reason for modern trends, clients usually end up in a wow factor when they first see a HVLS fan. Air conditioners are kind of dull, moreover in some facilities you do not see them at all except some ductings and louvers. Wall fans are certainly not aesthetically pleasing and materials often rusts, wear out and the grilles catches dust easily. Having great facility aesthetics actually boosts your brand and sends a message to your customers that maintenance is well updated.  

We are here provide the ultimate best airflow solutions. 

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