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How a AireGard HVLS Fan Improves the Aesthetics at Your Space

Having HVLS fans in your space is more than an airflow solution. For commercial lifestyle businesses, a HVLS fan can improve the aesthetics of your space and act as a branding activity building trust.

HVLS fans manufacturers are also constantly improving their design development for this very purpose. Besides that, it also shows to your customer or clients that you are up to date in maintaining your facilities as HVLS fans are a recent trend and new technology. It creates trust and service satisfaction among your customers and clients, boosting the probability of them visiting again. 

Here is how AireGard HVLS fans have transformed our client facility spaces to look cool, beautiful, and well maintained.

1. The Gasket Alley, Petaling Jaya

The Gasket Alley is an event space and creative hub that caters to millennials and young adults. Therefore it must look trendy, classy, and creatively cool. AireGard HVLS sent a team of specialists to solve the airflow and heat problem in the space, recommending a pair of AireGard PS Series HVLS fans. The silver blades and round motor design matches the creative vintage art direction of the space.

2. W Hotel Kuala Lumpur

The iconic W Hotel Kuala Lumpur by Marriott is a brand that shows the luxury playful side of the Marriott Group. If you have visited the hotel before, you sure have been hypnotized by the neon lights, contemporary choice of colours and hipster-ish interior design. Their 12 floor bar called the WET DECK was the hit of this place offering a semi-outdoor bar, big wide fountain pool completed with a view overlooking the famous Petronas Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur. Our mission was to provide an airflow solution to solve their hit problem during midday, which we did by recommending two units of AireGard DCB Series HVLS Fans. Aesthetically, The full black DCB Series matches the creative direction wanted by W Hotel KL and since they had these light decorations hanging down from the top, it blends it really well as though they were part of them.

3. The Beer Factory Hartamas

The name says it all. The modern restaurant and bar have a blend of asian wording decorations all around in live colours that make the place attractive and alive to the upper class. Who can resist a cold beer in the hot afternoon? However, that’s where AireGard HVLS came in. An extra breeze makes happy hour a lot more enjoyable. With AireGard PS Series HVLS fan, we provided the solution of ventilation and a sleek shiny silver design that makes the place elegant.

4. Win Win Food Court Seremban

Malaysian food courts are often regarded as dirty, hot, and noisy. In fact, we would agree that most really are or they fall into either one of the categories. For the case of Win-Win Food Court Seremban, they were well maintained and clean but with their ever-expanding seats and tables outdoor, they were in urgent need of comfortable airflow for their customers because it was just way too hot to dine under the Malaysian weather. Since traditional ceiling fans do not work outdoor, we specially designed a HVLS fan that is able to attach to a pole. To top it off, it is weatherproof and water-resistant. It was a HVLS fan design(AireGard PSP Series HVLS fan) that nobody has seen before, it has upgraded the perception and image of the food court ending up attracting many new customers as they were somewhat curious about the fan too.

5. AME Construction Sdn. Bhd.

AME Construction had just moved into a new office building at I-Park Senai Johor. They designed a lounge for rest and recreation at their balcony for their employees. The theme was a blend of wood and nature. AireGard HVLS immediately recommends the PS Series HVLS fan as it would stand out from the theme adding an extra breeze for activities in the lounge.

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