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Hand Dryers : Their Benefits to You and The Environment


Hand dryers are made to blow a warm stream of air, around 20° – 40°, at a high velocity in order to dry wet hands efficiently in a short time. They are often automatically activated due to an infrared sensor detecting when hands are beneath them where the warm air is meant to be exhausted.

And while hand dryers are not able to eliminate any pesky bacteria or diseases, they are able to enable a lesser spread of germs. According to research, damp hands spread 1000 times more bacteria through touch 1. In fact, up to 88% 2 of unused paper towels can be unhygienic as they can pick up and contain bacteria from a user and potentially spread it to another user’s hands 3. This is because germs are transferred easier when hands are wet, thus a high-heat and fast drying hand dryer helps users dry their hands in as little as 15 seconds or less, which lessens the spread of germs.

Plus, when you use hand dryers instead of paper towels to wipe your hands dry after each wash, you are choosing an eco-friendly option that reduces the need to use paper towels and thus helping to save the environment from more pollution. For example, when using a paper towel dispenser 200 times a day, it creates 1,800 lbs of paper towel waste annually, while electric hand dryers reduce the carbon footprint of hand drying by approximately 85% instead and creates zero paper waste 4.


AireGard Hand Dryers are not only 85% more energy saving than conventional hand dryers, but are also 97% more cost saving than if you were to use solely paper towels for drying your hand on the daily.

Saving the environment with eco-friendly practices doesn’t have to be done in boring aesthetics, because AireGard’s Hand Dryer Series’, the P1 Series and X1 Series, are designed to fit any space thanks to the modern sleek style they encompass.

In particular, the AireGard P1 Series Hand Dryers are small but mighty; they’re one of the smallest hand dryers in the market yet they still bring the powerful airflow velocity that dries hands in the span of a few seconds. They are also small enough in size, at 260 x 180 x 157 mm (W x B x H), to fit in most bathrooms with a smaller overall space.

Hand dryers aren’t just eco-friendly, they’re also friendly towards your wallet thanks to cutting costs on buying paper towels every so often. Ditch the paper towels and start choosing the eco-friendly and more convenient option for drying your wet hands today.