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AireGard’s Ventilator Series (Part 1): The Basics of Air Ventilators.

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Ventilation, meaning to bring in fresh outdoor air or exchanging of air by definition, is the fundamental working process of all ventilators. Ventilation can be thought of as controlling the environment by manipulating airflow. 

In general, there are 2 different types of ventilation: namely general or natural ventilation, and industrial ventilation. Natural ventilation is often referred to as “dilution ventilation”, and can be achieved through natural means, i.e. by opening a window – or through mechanical means by fans or blowers to clear the air within a space. This differs from industrial ventilation, whereby the system is designed to expel and take in a specific volume of air at a specific rate to remove pollutants in the air. Industrial ventilation often can be accomplished through the use of ventilators. 

An asset that benefits beyond the investment

Ventilators are one of the most preferred methods to control our exposure to pollutants in the air. Although there are many ways to control contaminants in the air, such as eliminating the hazard or substituting it with a less toxic product, ventilators are still a top choice to the rest of the alternatives as they are easy and convenient at the same time.  

Why should you use ventilation system in your premise, anyway? 

For one, ventilation systems dilute and displace airborne pollutants in the air of a space; instantly improving indoor air quality for better wellbeing of its occupants. Ventilators maintain an optimal balance for air exchange indoors – making it an excellent calibrator for quality air that is effective and efficient simultaneously. 

Because they are convenient as well as easy to manage and maintain, they easily help reduce energy and costs in the long term. Ventilators that are regularly cleaned and optimally maintained can extend the life of their motor – giving you longer durability that saves dollars and cents in the long run. 

If your premise has an air-conditioning system (HVAC), ventilators can help prolong your HVAC system simply by circulating cleaner, better air that doesn’t clog the air-conditioner often. So, you worry and do less; all while staying comfortable indoors at the convenience of the ventilation system. 

Make space for a ventilator in your premise.

Where can you install a ventilation system in your premise or space? 

We’re glad that you asked. 

A ventilator can be installed in various areas – all due to its flexibility to meet various needs and suitability – and you can find ventilation systems in places such as the kitchen, bathroom and also the laundry room. 

Basically, you can install a ventilation system in areas that have a need to move a large volume of air. Its sizes or dimensions are quite universal to accommodate various locations and spaces – be it big or small spaces – so, in essence, it fits anywhere within a necessary space. 

AireGard ventilators are an ideal choice.

As the air ventilation industry leader and expert, AireGard has a variety of ventilators that could serve any household or commercial purposes; helping you have an ease of mind while keeping your wellbeing in top condition with cleaner air that has better quality. 

Our ventilators improve air circulation indoors and thus create better thermal comfort through quiet operations. With a variety of series to choose from, you can pick and match our ventilator series that best suit your requirements or needs – thereby alleviating your concerns and helping you solve the issue in the best way possible. Besides being durable and high-quality, AireGard’s ventilators are environmentally friendly; leaving as little carbon footprints as possible when you utilize them.  

In a nutshell, the usage of ventilators and industrial ventilation for better convenience and quality air improves wellbeing and lifestyle in general. You get more value for your money, and it is an investment that rewards you better and generously in the long run – so why not give it a go today? 

Note: This is a 3-part series on ventilation systems. Stay tuned to the next AireGard’s blog entry – coming soon!