Flexible Applications Across
Businesses and Industries

Built and designed for high performance in different environments

AireGard flexing its muscles in various establishments

Engineered for commercial and industrial applications, AireGard airflow solutions have the range and depth to fit various specifications and deliver uncompromising performance in different settings across various industries. Check out our clients who have benefited from AireGard solutions:

Ban Thai Restaurant
Baan Thai Restaurant's customers leave with high comfort satisfaction.

Beer Factory Hartamas
Our PS Series AireGard HVLS does not only provide aesthetic beauty in commercial settings but also a total airflow solution compared to air conditioning & wall


N-NINE (WIN WIN) Food Court Seremban
An AireGard HVLS for every situation. Cool down and feel the breeze in any weather.

Snitch by The Thieves The Gardens
With the help of AireGard HVLS fans, we are able to provide comfortable cool airflow in that area. Also boosting their aesthetic direction with good product designs.