Flexible Applications Across
Businesses and Industries

Built and designed for high performance in different environments

AireGard flexing its muscles in various establishments

Engineered for commercial and industrial applications, AireGard airflow solutions have the range and depth to fit various specifications and deliver uncompromising performance in different settings across various industries. Check out our clients who have benefited from AireGard solutions:

Daikin Steel Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Client installed AireGard HVLS fan to provide airflow for better air quality in the factory.

Malaysia Palm Oil Board (MPOB)
The client needed air circulation to combat chemical fumes and stay comfortable. They installed one SIX Series 24 ft AireGard HVLS fan to move air throughout the

entire space.

Notion Venture
Notion Ventures trusted us with 40 units AireGard HVLS fans to provide total airflow solution for their whole factory.