AireGard HVLS Crash Test vs Other Competitors

We went all out with our AireGard HVLS fan and put it to the test with a simulation of a possible real accident happening. Here is how it went…  Collision 00:17 – 00:40 As seen in the video, we raised a metal bar structure to collide with the blades of AireGard HVLS fan while it is operating. The sensitive sensor from the AireGard HVLS fan controller automatically senses the collision and stops the AireGard HVLS fan automatically.  Post Collision 00:40 – 00:50 All of the blades are still intact […]

What is AireGard’s NEW NeoDrive PMSM Motor?

Introducing the NEW AireGard NeoDrive PMSM Motor for HVLS fans 1. What is NeoDrive? NeoDrive is the brand for AireGard’s latest PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor) Technology for their line of HVLS fans.  2. What is the difference of NeoDrive PMSM Motor vs AC Motor?  NeoDrive PMSM Motor offers a 30% increase in airflow, amazing torque balance, 15% reduced noise level and high transmission efficiency while still staying quiet <40db compared to the old AC […]

12 Points HVLS Fan Maintenance Checklist by AireGard

AireGard is committed to not only provide the best products but also the BEST SERVICES to clients. Below are the 12 points of HVLS fan maintenance checklist by our trained in-house professionals Gard Squad®: *some points below are not applicable to HVLS series that uses NeoDrive AireGard PMSM Motor (maintenance free)* 1. Inspect for any […]

Top 5 Spaces to Install a HVLS Fan

For its’ practicality and efficiency, HVLS fans have become a trend in many commercial and industrial places. Although HVLS fans’ applications are very versatile and effective in almost every space, there are some places that the requirement of having an HVLS fan installed has become an essential. Here are top 5 Spaces  Warehouse Warehouses remain a very […]

HVLS Fan vs Air Conditioner vs Wall Fans

Airflow can be created with many different systems and machines. However, are they efficient and effective for a long term usage?   Cost  When we think of cost, we should also consider the return of investment (ROI). The cost of  large industrial air conditioners are often astronomical. Not to mention it’s extra equipment, operational and maintenance costs. Wall fans are relatively […]

Season of Diseases and Illnesses (Benefits of HVLS Fan)

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time and the greatest challenge humanity have faced since World War Two. As it is happening, many companies had to suspend their operations facility due to the spread of infection amongst their workers. Businesses do not only have to worry about their financial […]