Difference Between Ventilators Exhaust Fans

THE IMPORTANCE OF PROPER AIR VENTILATION Air is one of the most important things on this planet for the living beings on earth; and for humans that can only last around 3 minutes or so without last, it is ever more so.Besides air being important, another often overlooked factor includes good ventilation, which creates conducive […]

Hand Dryers : Their Benefits to You and The Environment

WHY SHOULD YOU USE HAND DRYERS INSTEAD OF WIPING WET HANDS WITH PAPER TOWELS? Hand dryers are made to blow a warm stream of air, around 20° – 40°, at a high velocity in order to dry wet hands efficiently in a short time. They are often automatically activated due to an infrared sensor detecting […]

Alternatives to Typical HVLS Fans in Large Working Spaces

HVLS POLE FANS CAN FIT IN LARGE AREAS AND STILL PROVIDE AIR FLOW. The hot weather can cause heat to rise in enclosed spaces, no matter how large. This is especially true in large spaces like factories or warehouses, where many employees will bustle about in the heat. What happens when a large working space […]

What is an ERV and Why Do You Need It?

An Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) is a cost-efficient device that introduces fresh air into buildings, like office spaces and homes, which helps prevents airborne diseases like COVID-19 by minimizing outside air loads to create a stable air environment while saving large amounts of energy. It can also help maintain the humidity and temperature in tropical […]

How a AireGard HVLS Fan Improves the Aesthetics at Your Space

Having HVLS fans in your space is more than an airflow solution. For commercial lifestyle businesses, a HVLS fan can improve the aesthetics of your space and act as a branding activity building trust. HVLS fans manufacturers are also constantly improving their design development for this very purpose. Besides that, it also shows to your […]