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AireGard’s Ventilator Series (Part 2): Choosing the Right Air Ventilator. 

Ventilator VS Exhaust Fan V2

Before you could set out to find the right air ventilator for your home or space, it makes much difference to gather some knowledge about mechanical ventilation fans. Choosing the right air ventilators has become an increasingly diverse and assorted fare today, with so many different types and options to pick from. Not only will it be useful to know these handy tips so that you can pick the most suitable air ventilator for your space, but it will also help you choose ventilator with the right performance that you need to ventilate your space effectively and efficiently.  

The right air ventilator will help you to keep sickness at bay.

There can be many different good reasons to get an air ventilator, however, perhaps it is most important to know that the right mechanical ventilation system can help you prevent sickness and keep it at bay. Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) is a phenomenon whereby a range of illness symptoms such as headache, nausea, aches and pains, or fatigue is linked to spending time in a certain building with poor ventilation. By choosing the right ventilator, you can prevent SBS from occurring, not to mention you will reap the benefits of convenience by investing in it for the long run

Air ventilator models matter.

Why does the air ventilator model that you choose matter? 

The first reason is due to the fact that different ventilation fan models cater to different requirements or needs in a room. Some ventilators cater to rooms that require more ventilation, such as the altar room, smoking room or bathroom – whereas other ventilators cater to spaces that require moderate ventilation such as the kitchen, bedroom, store or even your wardrobe section.  

Another reason for choosing the right air ventilator model is that different ventilators can be mounted on different surfaces. There are typically 3 different surfaces for mounting air ventilators: ceiling, wall or glass. Depending on your space or room dimensions, you can choose to pick either one of these surfaces to install your ventilator.  

4 important points to consider when choosing an air ventilator
Location to install your air ventilator

Different ventilators can be installed in different spaces on your premises. Consider your room’s needs or function – for example, if you have an altar or smoking room, you probably need a more powerful air ventilator which can help you ventilate air effectively in that space. You might also want to consider the size of your room; a larger space may require a bigger ventilator that has a larger capacity for exchanging stale air with fresh air in your room. 

Filtration in your air ventilator

Concerned about the air quality in your space? Worried that airborne pathogens will cause you and your loved ones to fall ill? You can consider air ventilators that have HEPA filter and carbon filter to help you filter out unwanted germs in the air and keep your air pristine and clean.  

Noise level

Choose a ventilator that has a low noise level, and one that doesn’t interfere with your daily lifestyle. Consider the noise level for your space or room, and decide upon the ventilator that is best-suited for your space’s need. 

Costs and energy efficiency

Air ventilators are cost-efficient and energy-saving, making them the ideal system to be installed at home. Besides long term cost-savings and energy-efficiency, you will be rewarded with easy convenience and comfortable ambience as well. 

AireGard ventilators are the top-notch quality ventilation system you need

For quality that you can trust, why not choose AireGard’s ventilators today? 

Pick from various models and varieties that suit your needs: from our Super Quiet series to our Mixed Flow models, you are sure to be spoiled for choice. Our AireGard ventilators are suitable for ceiling, wall or glass surfaces. 

Choosing the right ventilators may require some basic understanding of ventilation systems, however, with the right information and dimensions, you will be well-equipped to pick one that is most suitable for your requirements and needs. 

Stay tuned to our third and final part of the 3-part series blogs – coming soon!