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AireGard Mixed Airflow

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AireGard Mixed Flow Series Ventilators are a type of dual airflow ventilators commonly used in laboratory settings to provide a controlled environment for handling sensitive materials or conducting experiments. It works by using a combination of single directional and non-single directional airflow to maintain a clean and sterile environment. 


Mixed flow distribution is the traditional method of supplying air to ventilated spaces. Cool air is blown in through the ceiling or wall and dilutes the room air in an attempt to provide an even temperature and contaminant level through the space. 


With mixed flow ventilation the flow is driven by the inertia of the supply air. The volume of the air supplied for mixed flow ventilation is calculated proportionally to the supply air and room air temperature.


Image by AireGard Team


Mixed flow systems are different from traditional single directional airflow systems, which provide a single direction of airflow that is uniformly distributed throughout the work area. In contrast, mixed airflow systems provide a combination of single directional and non-single directional airflow, which can be more effective in removing contaminants from the work area. 


Some of the advantages of AireGard Mixed Airflow include: 


Reduced risk of contamination: The system provides a highly controlled environment that minimizes the risk of contamination and ensures product integrity. 



Improved operator safety: The laminar airflow workstation protects the operator from harmful substances or pathogens that may be present in the materials being handled. 



Versatility: Mixed airflow systems can be used for a wide range of applications, including sterile compounding, tissue culture, and molecular biology. 



However, there are also some limitations to AireGard Mixed Airflow, including: 


Limited mobility: Mixed airflow systems are typically bulky and cannot be easily moved between rooms or workspaces. 



Noise: The operation of the system can be noisy, which may be a distraction for laboratory personnel. 




Overall, AireGard Mixed Airflow is an effective solution for creating a controlled and sterile environment in laboratory settings. However, it is important to consider the limitations and maintenance requirements before investing in this type of laminar airflow workstation.


Image by AireGard Team

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