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AireGard HVLS Crash Test vs Other Competitors

We went all out with our AireGard HVLS fan and put it to the test with a simulation of a possible real accident happening. Here is how it went… 

Collision 00:17 – 00:40

As seen in the video, we raised a metal bar structure to collide with the blades of AireGard HVLS fan while it is operating. The sensitive sensor from the AireGard HVLS fan controller automatically senses the collision and stops the AireGard HVLS fan automatically. 

Post Collision 00:40 – 00:50

All of the blades are still intact and attached to the retainer link of the AireGard HVLS fan which is designed to keep the blades in place in case of accidents such as this. 
Only minor scratches and slight dentures can be seen from the blades collided. Thanks to the strong aviation grade aerofoil fan blades which are made from magnalium.

Vs Other Competitors 00:50 – 01:37

The wingtips of the blades’ instantly breaks and some of blades that could not withstand the collided force breaks at attachment end and falls down to the floor below. However, the fan did stopped.

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