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12 Points HVLS Fan Maintenance Checklist by AireGard

Gard Squad® doing regular maintenance at Honda Service Center Sungai Long

AireGard is committed to not only provide the best products but also the BEST SERVICES to clients. Below are the 12 points of HVLS fan maintenance checklist by our trained in-house professionals Gard Squad®:

*some points below are not applicable to HVLS series that uses NeoDrive AireGard PMSM Motor (maintenance free)*

1. Inspect for any signs of physical damage to fan or controller.

2. Clean all aerofoils.

3. Clean ventilation ports and/or heatsink.

4. Check and tighten(if necessary) all mounting hardware with a torque wrench.

5. Check and reapply(if necessary) Loctite on all mounting bolts and nuts.

6. Inspect lubricant level, if applicable, and for any signs of leakage (for SIX Series only).

7. Replace lubricant according to schedule (major service for SIX Series only).

8. Inspect aerofoil retainer link connection.

9. Inspect all electrical connections on motor and controller properly tightened. Tighten if necessary.

10. Verify maximum HZ has not been changed in the VFD.

11. Clear debris and dirt from the VFD with air gun.

12. Document any customer complaints.

Ensure a worry-free peace of mind when you choose AireGard.

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